Tormented in a Flame



Dr. W. A. Criswell

Luke 16:19-31



I.          The two men

A.  Lazarus

      1.  Greek form of Hebrew “Eleazar” – “God is my help”

      2.  Infidel scoffs at his situation and name

      3.  But God is not done yet – “He died and…

B.  Dives

      1.  Unnamed in Bible – “Dives” Latin for “rich man”

      2.  Beggar laid at his gate, a palatial home

C.  Why Dives in hell?

      1.  Because he was rich? (Hebrews 11:10, Genesis 23:4)

      2.  Because of worldly self-love (Luke 16:13-14)


II.         Existence in hell

A.  We have our remembrance

B.  Dives is now a personal soul-winner


III.        Would a miracle of resurrection bring repentance?

A.  Would we take him at his word?

B.  Would the critical blasphemer believe?

C.  The miracle of being raised from the dead would not make us believe (John 11:53, 12:10, Matthew 28:12-15, Luke 16:29, 31)

D.  Even such living signs soon become commonplace (Matthew 12:38, 16:1, Luke 11:16, John 2:18, 6:30)

E.  Would we view voice of testimony of raised man better than that of prophets, apostles, Jesus?


IV.        The appeal

A.  Our eternal destiny is settled in this life (Ecclesiastes 11:7)

B.  Our only knowledge of salvation is the witness of the Scriptures